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Led by a passionate team based in Richmond, Melbourne, we are an education company with a promise to provide the best tutor for every child. We do this one student at a time, by assessing the academic needs and learning style of every child.

We understand that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to one-to-one tutoring which is why we focus on matching a tutor-mentor that suits your child’s learning ability and personality style.

Proud of our company value CARE, we live and work by this to deliver exceptional 1:1 in-home tutoring to every child, parent and family we work with.






Our Story




In 2012, our family returned to Australia from London where we had been living for four years.

Hello, I’m Gerard Murphy, teacher, educator and trainer.

Our family recently returned to Melbourne from London after four years.
To help our children readjust to life in school, we looked around for private in-home tutoring. Finding a great tutor, someone who could really connect with our kids and help them realise their full potential wasn’t as easy as I thought.

And I wondered whether other parents were in the same boat. That’s why, after scouring the globe for the world’s best method, I decided to partner with TutorBright, Canada’s No. 1 in-home tutoring program, to bring the program to Melbourne.

With proven results, thousands of satisfied parents, and more importantly happy kids, the TutorBright method works.

At TutorBright, I’m really proud of our team of education experts who work tirelessly to match the right tutor to your child to provide a nurturing environment that will help them be their best. Read on and see for yourself how we can help your child achieve academic results you want.