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Welcome Wednesday

Welcome Wednesday: Meet Matt


The battle of the screen -  how to set guidelines so it is a positive tool

We can watch whatever we want, whenever we want. Technology is part of our children's lives however, research has shown that that face-to-face time wi...

Does your child hate school?

As a mum the hardest thing to hear from your child is that he/she hates school, especially if as a kid you loved it. It raises all sorts of concerns a...

Meet Our Competition Winners

I recently had the privilege of once more driving across Melbourne to meet our 2019 winners of the Re-enrolment Competition. We are extremely passiona...

homework learning study

How to motivate your kids to do their homework without nagging!

Convincing your child do something they don’t want to do is challenging. So what works to motivate them. Try some of our tips below.

Announcing the launch of our new website!

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website www.tutorbright.com.au  Our goal with this new site was to create a user friendly ...


Does your child need tutoring?

  If you suspect that your child is falling behind at school, it can fill you with worry. We all want the best for our kids in terms of happiness, con...

NAPLAN Feedback

NAPLAN – is this really valuable feedback about your child?

NAPLAN scores are about to be released and even the kids now know that this is a competition to see how they compare to other kids. But how valuable i...

Welcome Wednesday

Welcome Wednesdays: Meet Emily

  "Intellectual curiosity is fundamental for personal growth, creativity and expanding our consciousness." Meet Emily! Emily has explored nearly every...

Welcome Wednesday

Welcome Wednesdays: Meet Godfrey

    "Education is the only thing that can help someone to live, understand and manage the world around him/her." Meet Godfrey! Godfrey is a maths, sci...