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Does your child need tutoring?

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TutorBright pollIf you suspect that your child is falling behind at school, it can fill you with worry. We all want the best for our kids in terms of happiness, confidence and being the best that they can be. There are some occasions when the traditional classroom environment does not satisfy a child’s learning needs.

Different learning style. Each teacher has their own individual teaching style and each student has their own learning style. Sometimes these two styles are not compatible which can result in your child being left behind. At TutorBright we determine what learning style best suits your child and use this method in our tutoring sessions.

Missed school. Perhaps your child has experienced illness or has been away on an extended holiday which has caused them to fall behind in class. Tutoring can fill the gaps in their knowledge and rebuild their confidence.

Maybe they don’t like their teacher. This can have a huge impact on how they approach learning and can make it difficult to succeed. A tutor who is matched to your child’s personality can really increase their confidence and interest in a subject leading to success.

Large class room sizes. Maybe your child is in a large classroom group and consequently did not receive the individual attention they required to understand certain concepts. A tutor can assist in mastering a key concept so they can move on with confidence.

Head of the Pack. Your child may be bored at school. They need to be challenged to keep engaged. Our tutors can keep your child motivated and learning with extension work.

A special learning need. You may be concerned that your child has a learning need such as dyslexia or dyspraxia for which mainstream schooling is inadequate. Our tutors have experience in special needs education which can provide insight and strategies to assist in their learning at school.

Homework is a battlefront. If you find the thought of homework daunting and it becomes a battle of wills then you are not alone. Many parents feel unequipped to assist their kids with homework because schooling has changed. Others find it such a stressful time that the home front becomes a battlefront between 4-7pm every school night. Engaging an independent tutor can change your family dynamic and improve your child’s education.

Wondering if your child might benefit from a tutor?

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Danielle is a marketing consultant and mother of 13 year old boy.