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Tips to identify your child's learning style.

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Understanding how your child learns can make their education a much better experience. After all, learning and school is not a one-size fits all. While it is likely that your child has more than one style, figuring out the dominant learning strength can help with things like homework and make school more bearable.

Children have different ways of learning, which education experts group into these three styles: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic.


When you know how your child learns best, you can help them learn more effectively. It is common for each of us to teach in a way that we learn best, not necessarily how our child learns best. This is why at TutorBright, time is taken to understand your child preferred learning style, personality type and goals for learning.

Let’s deep dive into these styles so you can identify them easily with your kids.

Auditory Learners

Kids in this group learn though listening.

They’re also more likely to:

· remember information by talking aloud

· need to have things explained orally

· may have trouble with written instructions

· talk to themselves while learning something new

· enjoy discussion groups over working alone.

Visual Learners

These children learn through watching. This is believed to be one of the most dominate learning styles. For learning to make sense  for these kids, they need to be able to see, visualise and illustrate their knowledge skills and concepts.

Visual learning characteristics include:

· remembering visual details

· preferring to see what they are learning

· needing to have paper and pens handy

· doodling while listening

· liking to write down instructions or see them demonstrated.

Kinaesthetic learners

These kids like to be actively involved in the learning process and learn best through hands-on activities and movement.

Other kinaesthetic characteristics are they:

· want to actually do whatever is being talked about or learned

· like to move around while listening or talking

· often “talk” with their hands

· like to touch things in order to learn about them

· remember events by recalling who did what rather than who said what.

These are just a few ways to identify how your child learns. When we do an assessment we will document this for you. In the meantime, why not download this free learning style assessment.

If you are interested to talk to our expert Education Team about how we can help support you and child through tutoring then get in touch on 1300698886. If you are interested in completing our online assessment form, then simply >> click here and we'll be in touch. 



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