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How Your Child (and You) Can Avoid Term Four Burnout

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13 signs of childhood burnout to watch for plus, the secret to escaping end-of-year exhaustion.

It’s a fact of life that term four can be an overwhelming time for students and parents alike.

Exams and end-of-year assessments, the influx of social commitments, the winding down of school sports and the inevitable Christmas build-up are just a few of the stressors than can mount up at this time of year.

So, when does being busy turn into feeling stressed or experiencing burnout?

Put simply, burnout can strike when there is an imbalance between what is required of your child (and you) and the personal recourses you have on hand to cope.


Your child might be experiencing term four burnout if you notice any of these signs:

1. Short attention span;
2. Irritability;
3. Restlessness;
4. A decrease in motivation;
5. Easily distracted;
6. Low energy;
7. Fatigue;
8. Trouble sleeping;
9. Loss of appetite;
10. Uncharacteristic tantrums;
11. A drop in grades;
12. Anxiety; and
13. Depression.

If you do suspect childhood burnout firstly see your family doctor to rule out – or treat – these symptoms, and secondly look at where (and how) you can manage some of the pressures that evolve at this time of year.


We get it, you’ve come this far in 2016 – and no doubt there has been many celebrated achievements and uncalled for challenges along the way. These all impact on the academic, emotional and social aspects of your child’s life. But, now it’s November, and you desperately want to avoid them – and you – stumbling to the finishing line.

Rest assured, there are strategies for not letting these typically busy weeks get the better of you.

In our experience of working with almost 700 students from across Victoria, the presence of a one-on-one tutor when kids are low on energy and distracted helps to provide focus and structure when they need it most.

What’s more, at this time of year, a mentor can offer support, guidance, exam tips and strategies to not only help your child avoid burnout, but to finish the school year on a high.

This is particularly the case for senior students, who should be surrounded with a support network that can help ease any term four stress as they narrow their focus to exams and assessments.

For primary aged students our tutors find being creative with lesson plans, such as taking the learning outside, helps to provide the final burst of inspiration needed to round out the year. For example, the tutors and mentors may take advantage of the warmer weather and introduce outdoor balls games that revolve around words and spelling, and playing maths leap frog for addition and subtraction learning. This way your child’s education continues, but by having fun with the learning, rather than adding any extra pressure at this busy time of year, students stay safely engaged.

And finally, as a parent, you can enjoy the assurance of knowing your child’s mentor understands exactly:
• What will motivate children to learn and stay on track during term four;
• What aspects of their individual learning should take priority now; and
• How to develop a tailored (and inspiring) learning plan that suits your child’s unique needs to see them through 2016 and into the new year.

This means you can focus your time and energy on the other important tasks that seem to descend during November and December whether we like it or not – we won’t mention Christmas shopping or school holiday planning here!

For more information about how TutorBright can help your child (and you) see out the year on a high contact us today on 1300 698 886.