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It is getting warmer, and this can only mean one thing: Summer is just around the corner! However, before we can enjoy Summer’s longer days and pleasant sunshine rays, we have one hurdle to overcome: Term 4.

As the weather begins to change, maintaining focus in class and working on homework gets tough. Ending the last term with a bang is important; no one wants to see a drop in academic performance, especially after all the hard work put in during the school year.

So, how can we help our children make the most out of their last term? And stay on track before the Summer holidays begin? We’ve put together four tips to help you and your child keep the ball rolling until the end of Term 4:

1. Manage Time Effectively

Increase your child’s productivity and study ethic with good time management. You can help your child with this by writing assignment due dates on a calendar, and checking them off once completed. Using a checklist will help ensure that you and your child stay on task, and gives your child a sense of accomplishment once the activity has been completed.

2. Work Towards a Goal

Set a Term 4 goal with your child. One goal could be setting aside a couple of hours for studying. Another goal could be to improve a grade in a specific subject e.g. maths or English. Setting a goal will help your child stay focused and motivated.

3. Acknowledge Success, Effort and Progress

Recognise your child’s achievements throughout the term. This can be done with praise, positive reinforcement, and feedback. Highlighting small improvements and your child’s successes increase positive emotions e.g. self-respect and happiness. Acknowledging improvements and successes also play an essential role in building self-confidence.

4. Ask for Help!

It is never too late to ask for a little guidance and support. If your child is struggling with a subject or feeling anxious about school, tests or exams, get in touch with their teachers. You can also reach out to us at TutorBright. Our education managers can provide your tutor-mentor with strategies to help your child succeed and feel confident throughout the term.