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Tutoring maths

Many of us remember having a tutor during our school days. They may have been a friend of the family, an older sibling's friend or perhaps someone sourced from the local paper or community notice-board. Whilst some of us were lucky enough to develop a great rapport with a tutor, chances are that such instances were few and far between. Unfortunately, kids often find themselves being tutored by someone they just don't get along with, and this can have serious implications for their learning.

Even someone who is an expert in his or her field can have difficulty relating to every student. Exhibiting empathy, patience and a good-temper, are equally as important in good tutoring as the ability to explain and simplify intricate concepts. However, there are times when even an outstanding tutor is not compatible with a particular type of student.

A bubbly, extroverted tutor with a gift for verbal explanations may not suit a shy, introverted, visual learner. Like any two people, a tutor and a student are more likely to get along well if they gel personally and have similar tastes and interests. It's just human nature.

Tutoring a secondary school student

Feeling positive about your tutor doesn't just make learning more enjoyable, it improves learning outcomes. Studies have shown that a positive relationship between learners and educators enhance language development and performance in problem-solving tasks. In short, students who like their tutor or teacher learn better from them.

TutorBrights promise is to provide the best tutor for your child! We pride ourselves on being the only tutoring service in Australia that places a strong emphasis on matching tutor-mentors to our students and maximising learning outcomes through stable and productive teaching/learning relationships.

So how is matching done?

Before TutorBright matches a student with a tutor-mentor, a detailed assessment of the student is undertaken by one of our Regional Education Managers or REMs (all qualified teachers). All of our tutor-mentors undergo a comprehensive induction process, involving an extensive interview and training seminar.

We get to know our tutor-mentors, test their pedagogical practice and observe how they interact with new people in new situations. A great deal of time is invested in gaining a thorough understanding of our tutor-mentors as educators and as individuals.

It is an extensive, but worthwhile, process. Careful student to tutor-mentor matching enables TutorBright to provide students with a positive, enduring learning relationship from the very beginning. Getting a great start sets learners in good stead for achieving their long-term academic and personal goals! 

Student doing textbook exercises