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Spotlight Tutor-Mentor: Dyala Kelp

Posted by TutorBright on 30-Jul-2018 23:33:29


"My favourite moment would have to be seeing the pride in my student's faces when they realise that they can now do what they thought was impossible."

This month's featured Tutor-Mentor is Dyala Kelp! Dyala has been a qualified teacher since 2015. She loves to hang out with friends, go to the beach, read and knit.

1. What do you like best about being a tutor-mentor? 

I really enjoy being able to help kids see their potential and realise that they are more capable than they realise.

2. What subjects do you enjoy teaching and why? 

I love teaching psychology and English. Psychology has always been my passion and I just love sharing that with other people. I really enjoy teaching English as there is so much more to it than just reading and writing and its really great to see kids learn new skills.

3. What is your favourite moment as a tutor-mentor?

My favourite moment would have to be seeing the pride in my students faces when they realise that they can now do what they thought was impossible. Seeing them feel more confident really makes it the best job.

4. What advice would you give to new tutor-mentors?

Have fun with it, tutoring can be so enjoyable if you have fun with it and just go with the flow, because not every session will go to plan, but no session has to be unenjoyable.

5.  What quote would you use to describe your life motto? And why have you chosen this quote? 

“Loved yourself – Because you’re braver than you think, smarter than you know, twice as beautiful as you’ve ever imagined and getting better everyday”

This really just sums up how important self love and belief, and that life is a journey to be lived not a race and they are words I truly live my life by.


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