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Is Your Child Already Falling Behind? Telltale Signs and What to Do. 

First semester is already in full swing! You and your child may still be adjusting to the hustle and bustle of primary school or secondary school. Suc...

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5 Helpful Tips on How to Prepare for the New School Year!

It is time to ditch the bathers, beach towels and the pool for new textbooks and most importantly, an exciting new semester! Going back to school afte...

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What Does Tutor-Mentor "Matching" Mean?

Many of us remember having a tutor during our school days. They may have been a friend of the family, an older sibling's friend or perhaps someone sou...

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Four Tips to Help Your Child Make the Most Out of Term 4!

It is getting warmer, and this can only mean one thing: Summer is just around the corner! However, before we can enjoy Summer’s longer days and pleasa...

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Meet the People Behind TutorBright's Magic!

You may have spoken to us on the phone or emailed us questions about our tutoring services. Now you can put a name to a face, and find out why we love...

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Maths with Max

We recently caught up with Max, one of our All-Star tutor-mentor, who kindly gave us some insightful advice on one of the most sought after subjects f...

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Parent-Teacher Interviews: What to do Before and After

Parent-teacher interviews are a great way to gain clarity on your child’s progress at school. The aim of these interviews is for you and the teacher t...

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Disengaged Students Falling Behind: A Summary of the Grattan Report

Worried your child is falling behind? You’re not alone. Here’s what the latest Grattan Institute report means for you.

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5 Home Tuition Myths Busted

  Here’s what you ought to know about home tutoring before signing up. If you’re like most parents trying to decide whether home tuition will be a goo...

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5 Back to School Preparation Tips

Ali Murphy, TutorBright education manager, shares her top strategies for how to make this week easier.