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5 Things You Can Do to Support Your VCE Student

  There is no doubt that the last two years of high school can be incredibly stressful for VCE students. Not only is your child studying hard to get i...

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6 Steps on How to Study Smarter, Not Harder! 

Study Advice for VCE Students!  Studying smarter rather than harder can help you learn faster and help you use  your time more effectively. Let’s be h...

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5 Helpful Tips on How to Prepare for the New School Year!

It is time to ditch the bathers, beach towels and the pool for new textbooks and most importantly, an exciting new semester! Going back to school afte...

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Spotlight Tutor-Mentor: Steph Vawser

Meet this week's Spotlight, All-Star Tutor-Mentor Steph Vawser. Steph is studying a Bachelor of Primary School Education (Honours) at Monash Universit...