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5 Things You Can Do to Support Your VCE Student

Posted by TutorBright on 05-Mar-2018 09:00:00


There is no doubt that the last two years of high school can be incredibly stressful for VCE students. Not only is your child studying hard to get into the university of their dreams but also, juggling with the challenges that come with being a teenager. The final two years of high school can also be fatiguing for you as a parent. You may find yourself worrying more about your teen’s well-being and making sure that they’re preparing themselves for exams.

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6 Steps on How to Study Smarter, Not Harder! 

Posted by TutorBright on 26-Feb-2018 09:45:32

Study Advice for VCE Students! 

Studying smarter rather than harder can help you learn faster and help you use  your time more effectively. Let’s be honest; studying for SACS and exams can be time consuming, and is not the most exciting activity in your week.

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5 Helpful Tips on How to Prepare for the New School Year!

Posted by TutorBright on 23-Jan-2018 16:33:45

It is time to ditch the bathers, beach towels and the pool for new textbooks and most importantly, an exciting new semester! Going back to school after a long holiday is both exciting and anxiety provoking. Sometimes the back-to-school transition can be quiet tough for parents and kids; we all must get back into school mode and adjust to the busy pace the school year brings.

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Spotlight Tutor-Mentor: Steph Vawser

Posted by TutorBright on 11-Sep-2017 11:16:51

Meet this week's Spotlight, All-Star Tutor-Mentor Steph Vawser. Steph is studying a Bachelor of Primary School Education (Honours) at Monash University. She loves Musical Theatre: rehearsing for local productions, watching musical DVDs and  musical theatre clips on youtube, and  putting on soundtracks and singing along to them.

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