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What Does Tutor-Mentor "Matching" Mean?

Posted by TutorBright on 22-Jan-2018 09:00:00

Tutoring maths

Many of us remember having a tutor during our school days. They may have been a friend of the family, an older sibling's friend or perhaps someone sourced from the local paper or community notice-board. Whilst some of us were lucky enough to develop a great rapport with a tutor, chances are that such instances were few and far between. Unfortunately, kids often find themselves being tutored by someone they just don't get along with, and this can have serious implications for their learning.

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Spotlight Tutor-Mentor: Steph Vawser

Posted by TutorBright on 11-Sep-2017 11:16:51

Meet this week's Spotlight, All-Star Tutor-Mentor Steph Vawser. Steph is studying a Bachelor of Primary School Education (Honours) at Monash University. She loves Musical Theatre: rehearsing for local productions, watching musical DVDs and  musical theatre clips on youtube, and  putting on soundtracks and singing along to them.

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