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Meet this week's Spotlight, All-Star Tutor-Mentor Jay Dower. Jay is studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics) at University of Melbourne. He likes to play basketball and coaches and plays for Diamond Creek. He also enjoys cooking, making up new recipes, and trying new foods.

1. What do you like best about being a Tutor-Mentor? 

As a Tutor-Mentor, I enjoy the opportunity to get students excited about topics that I am passionate about. Working for TutorBright gives me the chance to potentially change a child’s view of their education, their future or even how the world works around them.

2. What subjects do you enjoy teaching and why? 

I am lucky enough to tutor both Maths and English to a whole range of different year level students. My very favourite subject to tutor in is maths because I have loved working with numbers as long as I can remember. I love the accomplishment that can be felt by finding the one true answer to a problem.

3. What is your favourite moment as a Tutor-Mentor?

It is hard to choose between two immensely rewarding moments that I am lucky enough to experience often:

1) the "Ahhhh” moment – when something has been a struggle for a student to wrap their head around, maybe all week in class nothing the teacher has said has quite clicked but then I select just the write words and suddenly, “Ahhhh”, it all makes sense!

2) The exciting moment when results come back from a test, anything from the grade 3 NAPLAN to a year 12 SAC, and my student has achieved a mark that they are so proud of themselves for and they tell me “I never thought I could have done so well”.

4. What advice would you give to new TutorBright Tutor-Mentors?

It’s okay to feel nervous starting out, it means you care about what you’re doing and you want to do it right! TutorBright has brought you on board for a reason, because you belong here so with experience you will be able to relax soon enough and truly enjoying your tutoring.

5. What quote would you use to describe your life motto?

I have simply always told myself before taking on anything challenging that “I have got this”. I tell myself these exact words constantly because without backing yourself you are asking to fail.

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