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This week's Spotlight is All-Star Tutor-Mentor Rahaf Abbassi. Rahaf is studying a double degree in Engineering and Business at RMIT University. In her spare time, Rahaf likes to read books that expand her knowledge. She also enjoys cycling, swimming, and long-distance walking on sunny days.

1. What do you like best about being a tutor-mentor? 

A career in this domain has a clear purpose, which is making a positive difference in young people's lives. As their tutor, I can empathise and relate to them; I have been in their place before. Also, I never get bored of being a tutor. Each session offers a new experience!

2. What subjects do you enjoy teaching and why?

I enjoy teaching economics, physics, and mathematics. These three sciences are part of my degree. I love these subjects because they explain different aspects of our world. Since I have a great understanding and fascination in them, I am motivated to deliver and teach them to students.

3. What is your favourite moment as a tutor-mentor?  

My favourite moment as a tutor-mentor is when I can simplify a complex ideas to a students and seeing that I have made a difference in the student's understanding of the topic.

4. What advices would you give to new TutorBright tutor-mentors?

Being a tutor-mentor is a rewarding job and provides you with rich experiences. Your teaching style helps you discover more about yourself. Being a tutor-mentor also requires your commitment and care to your students. Remember, you are a source of inspiration to your students.

5. What quote would you use to describe your life motto? 

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein.

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