Isabella is studying a Bachelor of Science at Monash University. She spent some time abroad teaching English. Isabella enjoys a variety of different things such as reading, music, cooking and science.

1. What inspired or interested you about teaching? 

I spent six months in China teaching English. This great experience inspired me to teach. I am studying a Bachelor of Science, and my tertiary education has motivated me to combine spreading knowledge and science.

2. How will you connect with your students? 

I have a variety of interests from music to science. And think that I will be able to connect with my students based on what we enjoy. I am also always open to 'try new things.'

3. What subjects will you be teaching and for which grade level?  

  • Maths - primary and secondary
  • English - primary and secondary
  • Science - primary and secondary
  • Biology - VCE

4. How do you learn best? 

I am a visual and auditory learner. Furthermore, repetition and the reinforcement of concepts helps me understand what I am learning.

5. Why did you choose TutorBright? 

I was referred to TutorBright by a couple of my friends. They told me that TutorBright had been good for them.

6. Tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself? 

I spend a considerable amount of my spare time volunteering in labs. I also spend time baking and decorating cakes!

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