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Meet Winnie Pritchett! Winnie studied a B.S. in Psychology and Political Science at Tulane University in the USA. She is originally from Miami, Florida.

1. What inspired or interested you about teaching? 

The "aha" moment when students finally grasp the concept for themselves is my favourite part of teaching; it is what keeps me teaching.

2. How will you connect with your students? 

I am a pretty outgoing person. I will share my stories of travel, study, and university with my students. I am really interested in Melbourne culture, books, and sports. There is always some common ground.

3. What subjects will you be teaching and for which grade level? 

I would like to tutor:

  • English up to Year 12
  • Maths up to Year 8
  • Beginner and Intermediate Spanish

4. Why did you choose TutorBright? 

I chose TutorBright because in addition to tutoring, I would also like to take on a mentor role. I liked the Tutor-Mentor concept.

5. Tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself!

When living in Miami, I had my own cooking show on cable TV called "Winnie's Kitchen".

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