At the beginning of this week, we shared an article from The Age (read it here) that discussed the potential consequences of inconsistent school term lengths. After what seemed like a very quick 1st Term of only eight weeks, we now face the challenge of an eleven-week Term 2. Combine this with the onset of winter colds and a daily battle to leave the warmth of bed in the morning, and Term 2 consolidates itself as a genuine challenge to our childrens academic success. TutorBright aims to help so here are the steps you should take to avoid a burnout in Week 9 of the coming term.

  • Make a plan

Know what needs to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Try to set goals surrounding your tasks to ensure clarity and consequently success.

Agreat link on how to make your own study plan can be found here!

  • Get ahead not behind

Have you been ignoring a difficult Maths question? Unfortunately, it isnt going to help you in examinations. So seek help as soon as a problem arises whether it is a teacher, parent or tutor

  • Set up a reward system

We can all agree that when we know there is a reward at the end, we become far more motivated to complete a set task. Some ideas are to treat yourself to a movie night on Saturdays if youve finished all your homework for the week, or even a chocolate each hour of study you do

  • Have support

Consider a tutor-mentor, weekly study groups with friends or checking in with teachers after every few classes to ensure consistency. Remember, you aren't on your own and there is always someone there to help you

  • Keep healthy

Overall wellbeing also plays a pivotal role in having a clear and active mind. So eat nutritiously, sleep for at least 8 hours a night and stay active for 30 minutes a day

 Although it is innate for us to dread a longer term, it can, in fact, be seen as a prime opportunity to work harder and smarter to reach our goals. Being prepared will only aid your success.