This week's Spotlight All-Star Tutor-Mentor is Jack Gromer. Jack is studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University. He enjoys reading and watching TV shows. Jack also loves playing soccer, mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding.

1. What do you like best about being a Tutor-Mentor? 

Watching my students grow their self-confidence and academic abilities as they come to understand their subjects is one of the best things about my job. Being a Tutor-Mentor also allows to support them through this journey!

2. What subjects do you enjoy teaching and why?

I enjoy history and geography; I believe that both are crucial in understanding how the world works and why things have come to be the way they are. I also tutor maths and English!

3. What is your favourite moment as a Tutor-Mentor?

One of my happiest moments as a Tutor-Mentor is when a student finally understands a concept or idea you have been working on for ages. This gives them the confidence to ask more questions, tackle new problems, and engage with the subject material in new ways! In the end, I believe that it comes down to knowing that you have helped someone.

4. What advice would you give to new TutorBright Tutor-Mentors?

Always try your best and get to know your students right from the start! Laying this groundwork will build trust, and helps motivate them in future lessons. You can use this information in later sessions to engage them and create meaningful learning experiences.

5. What quote would you use to describe your life motto?

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein. The subject itself is not usually the problem, most of the time students just need a dedicated educator or tutor to show them how interesting it can be!

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