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Welcome Wednesdays: Meet Fiona

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"My own education has taught me that failure, however each individual may define it, is essential to personal growth." 
Meet Fiona! Fiona, a 'born traveller' and sustainable architecture visionary, is currently studying a double degree in  Environmental Engineering (Honours) and Commerce at Monash University. 


1. What inspired or interested you about teaching?

When I was younger, I was intimidated by Maths and continuously put down by teachers who did not believe in me. It wasn't until my final years of high school that I was matched with the right teacher/mentor who allowed me to change my mindset about Maths and develop a strong passion for the subject. This passion has since caused me to pursue a career in Engineering and be the recipient of numerous academic Maths awards and scholarships. I want to be the person to change someone else's mindset.

2. How will you connect with your students?

I will connect with my students by taking a personalised approach to teaching and mentoring. I will get to know my students beyond a piece of paper and use their own strengths and weaknesses for a most effective result.

3. Why are you interested in the subjects that you will be teaching?

A Maths problem has only two answers: right or wrong. There is no opportunity for judgement and bias to cloud a result.

4. How do you learn best?

I learn best through continuous practice. Completing an excessive amount of practice questions correctly ensures me that I understand every component and loophole of a theory.

5. Why did you choose TutorBright?

TutorBright places a strong importance on mentorship. For me to be able to assist a student academically, I believe a foundation of confidence and self-belief is essential. TutorBright is well matched to my personality and mindset about learning.

6. Why is education something that you value? What is one of the most significant things you've learned during your own education?

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

My own education has taught me that failure, however each individual may define it, is essential to personal growth.

7. What is your vision for the future? What are you passionate about?

I am highly interested in sustainable architecture and the work of Michael Reynolds, the architect behind the 'Earthship'. In the future, I aim to work with architects and other engineers to design innovative, zero emission homes and structures.

8. If you could make any changes to the education system in Australia, what would they be?

I would reduce the focus on appearance, in terms of school uniform and hair style rules, and increase the focus on individualised academic support for students.

9. Tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself!

I define myself as a born traveller. The first time I moved away from my hometown in Germany was at the age of only several weeks. Since, I have spent many years living and studying in India, China, Malaysia, Canada and Australia and have travelled all around the world.

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