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Welcome Wednesdays: Meet Kieran

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"I will always believe that an invested teacher and a good education is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to children."
Meet Kieran! Kieran is a qualified primary school teacher and soon-to-be author. Her passion is learning, teaching and giving children the tools that they need to succeed.


1. What inspired or interested you about teaching?

From a very young age I wanted to be a teacher. I always knew I would grow up and be an educator and I worked very hard to reach my dream. I decided to study primary education at university and throughout this I have developed a real passion for education, learning and teaching. I have had a lot of experience in primary schools and have unfortunately witnessed many students struggling. I wanted to be a tutor as I want to see all of my students succeed and reach all of their dreams and goals.

2. How will you connect with your students?

I connect with my students by making learning fun, interesting and engaging. I connect the school to home and personal interests and create individual lessons that will hopefully promote engagement and therefore increase their ability to process information and remember difficult concepts.

This personalisation of lessons and content is important in building positive relationships with the student and allowing them to feel more confident and comfortable with the content being taught.

3. Why are you interested in the subjects that you will be teaching?

From a young age, I have always been an avid reader. To date, I have read hundreds of books and I love how versatile books are as they can be used as tool across the entire primary curriculum. I can confidently teach all areas of the curriculum from prep to grade 6 and I love how fun you can make lessons and units.

4. How do you learn best?

I am a linguistic learner. I learn by listening and reading. This has been a great learning style to have and utilise throughout my studies as I was able to take in and remember a lot of information from textbooks and tutors.

5. Why did you choose TutorBright?

I chose TutorBright because I love their approach to learning and teaching. Their emphasis on not only teaching students but mentoring them as well is so important building positive relationships with students and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

6. Why is education something that you value? What is one of the most significant things you've learned during your own education?

Education is the most valuable asset a person can have. It can open up a world of opportunities and change lives. I have personally witnessed the profound impact that education can have on a persons life and I will always believe that an invested teacher and a good education is one of the most greatest gifts that you can give to children.

One of the most significant things that I have learned during my education is that we are all life long learners.

7. What is your vision for the future? What are you passionate about?

My vision for the future is that all children will have access to quality education and the tools that they need to succeed. I’m passionate about learning and teaching. I love watching my students reach their goals and enjoy watching them progress through their learning journey.

8. If you could make any changes to the education system in Australia, what would they be?

Tough question, if I was asked this a few years ago I probably would have said to scrap NAPLAN as it brings unnecessary stress to the students and can have negative implications on their self esteem. However, it is an important tool in regards to the allocation of government funding which can be critical for specific schools, so I would just like to see the discussion surrounding NAPLAN changed iso students understand that their results are not an indication of their intelligence.
I would also like to see less streaming in primary schools. Students work best by working together and students of all abilities can learn from one another

9. Tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself!

I am currently writing my own book that I hope to self publish next year.

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