on July 30, 2018 Welcome Wednesday

Welcome Wednesdays: Meet Paramitha

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"My vision for my future is to make a positive change in children while teaching in primary schools." Meet Paramitha! Paramitha is currently completing her Bachelor of Education while tutoring primary students to help her gain a deeper understanding of the way children learn. 

1. What inspired or interested you about teaching?

I am passionate about getting to know how children learn. Thus, I want to be out there exploring the best ways children learn!

2. How will you connect with your students?

I believe that a trusting relationship is key when teaching. This helps us to get to know the student and then cater for their individual needs accordingly.

3. Why are you interested in the subjects that you will be teaching?

I have always enjoyed teaching Mathematics as it makes me wonder about how to help others solve problems in everyday situations.

4. How do you learn best?

I am a visual learner. This involves seeing things in the form of videos, pictures or actually using real-life objects to represent things or people in order to understand concepts. I usually study by drawing images or watching existing videos to do so.

5. Why did you choose TutorBright?

TutorBright gives me the opportunity to help students while looking after me by providing resources and support.

6. Why is education something that you value? What is one of the most significant things you've learned during your own education? 

Education is key to being independent to build a future of your own. Everything can be bought for money instantly, except for knowledge and education. Being educated does not mean being good at just academics, but also learning life skills and growing with the world.

7. What is your vision for the future? What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about learning about what affects children's' learning. My vision for my future is to make a positive change in children while teaching in primary schools.

8. If you could make any changes to the education system in Australia, what would they be? 

To incorporate time for children in primary schools to learn philosophy, where children discuss subjects that matter to them as a group; providing opportunities for children to get to know various views and improve diversity within the group.

6. Tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself!

I love dancing; I learn salsa, as well as traditional Sri Lankan dancing.  I am pretty good at drawing portraits and love arts and crafts.

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