Learn About What Happens
The Moment You Call

Let's Talk

The first call is a great way for us to get to know each other, understand your perspective and learn about your child’s specific needs.

Understand Your Needs

During the consultation, we conduct a cost-free and obligation free skills assessment which allows us to understand your child’s learning style, personality type as well as academic strengths and weaknesses.

Matching The Best Tutor-Mentor
for Your Child

Our in-depth personality assessment allows us to match your child with the perfect tutor-mentor. This tutor-mentor will be able to connect with your child, help them with their homework, work on their tailored program, and encourage them to reach their potential.


A Happy Child, A Happy Parent

Our tutor-mentors build a relationship that instills confidence and teaches tough concepts. Your child will have a new-found sense of confidence and just smile a whole lot more. You won’t have to worry about them falling behind anymore. We’re here to help.

Meet Your Family

Our free assessment gives us the chance to meet you and your child. Here we can have an open, friendly discussion about your child’s goals and find out what you hope to accomplish through tutoring with one of our tutor-mentors.

Build A Tailored Program

From the results of the assessment, we create a tailored program that helps us overcome any skill gaps that were identified. This program is unique to your child and will only focus on areas that need to be improved. Also, we always help with all homework, test prep, and assignments.

On-going In-Home Sessions
and Support

Your child will meet regularly with their tutor-mentor in the comfort of your home. You will have the flexibility in choosing what days and times work best for these sessions. You will also have full access to our support staff to ask any questions relating to your child’s education and progress. We work as a team for your child’s success.