Tutor-Mentor Lindsay


What is the most rewarding part of working with TutorBright?


It would definitely have to be working with students who give it a go, because it means they are comfortable enough around me not to feel embarrassed and willing to learn from potential mistakes. This motivates me to teach even more, and it is rewarding to see that willingness try to try accumulate over time and progress into learning.


You recently referred a friend, what were the reasons behind this?


I really enjoy working at TutorBright and appreciate the organisation and care that goes into it. As someone who knows Lily personally, academically and professionally, I thought that her previous experiences and innate nature of care and patience make a wonderful profile of a tutor. We often spoke about tutoring and I realised she would be a good fit, both by what TutorBright can offer Lily, and what she can offer the company.


Do you feel as though TutorBright supports you? If so, How?


Yes, I think that the initial assessments done on the students provides a great bank of information that can help alleviate first meeting pressures and efficiently formulate a plan right from the beginning of what areas of weakness to target. The abundance of resources is also very helpful. The comfort and care TutorBright takes into each and every tutor through meetings, newsletters and ongoing phone/email support is very assuring in every circumstance.


What is your most memorable experience whilst working at TutorBright?


My most memorable experiences would have to be each of the first meetings with my students! There’s this look of curiosity and wonder at what could be gained, and then comparing it to present-day, it is very rewarding to see them with higher levels of confidence in their respective fields. Also because first meetings they opened up very easily, having been through the initial assessment, so were ready to get underway.


How does TutorBright rate against other companies you have worked for?


I think TutorBright definitely shows a lot of compassion in their tutors and their mission to nurture student learning. Again, the initial assessments and access to resources is very helpful, and any issues that arise can be directly communicated to someone who will help. Little things go a long way! 🙂