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Often a child’s learning difficulties can go unnoticed for quite some time. When we discover that our child may need an English tutor or assistance with their reading and writing we can be quite shocked. How did this happen? They speak English all day! The truth is English can be a complex subject area and can be difficult for many young children to master. There are still many adults in the world who struggle to grasp some basic English language concepts.

How does the English tutor program work?

Our English tutors within Melbourne and surrounding suburbs can help with homework, catching up or getting ahead! We offer an initial consultation to establish your child’s learning style, personality type and their academic strengths and weaknesses. From this consultation we can build a tailored tutoring program to suit your child’s specific needs. For example, if spelling is their major concern, we will create a program that focusses on correct spelling whilst still incorporating other aspects of the English language.

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  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing
  • Sentence, paragraph, story and essay writing

Trying to understand all of these aspects of language can be a tough task. Each student has individual learning styles and different needs. Our English tutors are well aware of what it takes to establish a connection with your child and understand how they learn best.


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