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Homework can be one of the most difficult tasks when children get back home from school; we want to make it easy for you. Homework is so important – it reinforces what they’ve learned in the classroom, teaches new material and provided valuable lessons about responsibility, discipline and organisation!

It’s hard for you, the parent, to help your child with homework. Our Tutor-Mentors are hand-picked and matched to your child – their academic demands as well as their personality type. We understand that a happy home starts with happy children and happy parents. We are here to help take the chaos and confusion out of maths, language, history, English, and more!

We know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry, we understand that homework is much more than just helping with the question and providing an explanation to get to the solution. We want to continually help them strengthen organisational, time management, test taking, note taking and independent skills. It’s about an integrated process, designed to tackle all the areas where your child needs help.

Regardless of your child’s circumstances, we can help! Whether they need to practice, catch up, or need special attention – we want to understand their situation, understand them as a person and apply the TutorBright process to help them achieve their goals and give them confidence.


Our customised academic curriculum is also used to help a student with their unique needs. The program can be adapted to help them with their skill-gaps or supplement their lessons at school! Does your child need to reinforce their maths skills or improve their reading comprehension? Our customised curriculum can help them reach their goals.


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