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Whether your child is in secondary school or primary school, our education system doesn’t always prepare students to understand the mathematical curriculum from year to year. Some students need extra help when it comes to number crunching, yet many of them fall beneath the radar. Without the extra assistance these students fall behind.

‘Yay Mum, Maths is cool!’ We all wish this was a typical response from our children; however, unfortunately, it’s not. Whether your child is in secondary school or primary school, our education system doesn’t prepare students to understand the maths curriculum from year to year. It’s becoming a larger and larger problem as our students progress through the years. Imagine building a house without laying the foundation – the house is going to collapse over time.

We believe that every child is capable of excelling in maths whether they believe it or not. Time and time again, we have heard our students tell us that they will never do well in maths; but after seeking one of our maths tutors, they have consistently exceeded their own expectations.

Why our maths tutors are unique

There are many different types of maths students, so we gear our system to help them all. Whether it’s homework support, catching up or even getting ahead, your maths tutor will adjust for every student. A classroom setting is not designed to assist students who have different learning styles. Working with a maths tutor from TutorBright will help to uncover your child’s learning style as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Numeration Data Interpretation
  • Geometry tutoring
  • Measurement
  • Algebra tutoring
  • Calculus Data Management

We understand what students are going through so our maths tutors in Melbourne are here to help. We specialise in Algebra, Geometry and Maths tutoring, contact TutorBright today for more information.


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