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Your child’s early education can be the most academically defining years of their life. It is scary to think about how a bad year can impact a child’s self-belief and academic confidence. A few Cs and Ds and you may begin to see your child fall further behind than you imagined. A young student is heavily influenced by their own self-belief, after a few poor results they may resign themselves to never being good at maths or English. However, with the right primary school tutor you can turn your child’s woes into a distant past. Students have a wide range of needs at the Primary school level and whether it’s maths, science, history, language or even organisation, note taking, and study skills, we’re here to help you through it!

How can a primary school tutor help my child?

We begin with a free consultation to establish where you child needs the most help, where they are the strongest and what learning style suits them. Many children have the potential to be brilliant at all their subjects if given the right attention. Once our primary school tutor has established what type of learning and personality your child has they can tailor a learning program to suit their needs. By working this way, we ensure that each child has a better experience of education in their younger years and keeps them on top of their school work and education.

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