Secondary School Tutors

We understand that when your child is in secondary school they need a very particular and specialised kind of help. The right tutor-mentor at this pivotal stage can make all the difference.

We understand how frustrating high school homework can be, and how easy it is to fall behind. Whether it is the sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), maths, English, economics, history or any other subject, we can help!

For English, knowing the basics of how to write an essay and understanding Shakespeare, can make reading and writing fun. When it comes to maths, the words “calculus, advanced functions and data management” can seem very intimidating and daunting. With the right tutor, it can go from intimidating to easy. We want to show our students that chemistry, biology and physics are manageable and applicable in the real world, English is used everyday and history is cool!

Secondary school is the foundation for tertiary education and it doesn’t matter what the subject is, we have the experience to teach it and make it easy for your child so they can achieve their goals!


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