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When students reach their final years of secondary school it can become an extremely stressful time. VCE, especially year 12 can be a tough time for students as they struggle to balance their increased workload as well as the pressure to achieve high scores. Leading a balanced life becomes impossible and many students who may have previously “cruised through” are confronted with the idea that they may not achieve what they are hoping for.

This increased stress can put a strain on families and friendships, again adding to a student’s worries. Our experienced VCE tutors in Melbourne are a team of dedicated educators who all understand the struggle. Your VCE tutor can provide wonderful support to your child, providing assistance in navigating the pressures of this final year.

Our VCE tutors specialise in Maths and English

Many university entry requirements specify a particular score in English or Maths, placing a great importance on these two units. These subjects are also known to be two of the more difficult subjects to grasp. A VCE tutor will be able to assist you with any homework as well as help you to understand assessment tasks and foundation concepts. With the added help of VCE tutors, you can turn your child’s VCE nightmare into a success story.

This troubling period does not need to be so difficult. Contact our our Education team team to organise a free assessment to begin tailoring your child’s tutoring program as soon as possible. Contact us today on 1300 698 886 for more information on how we can help.


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