What parents say

I have two boys year 9 and year 11. They have very different individuals with different educational needs and both boys have already improved greatly.

They cater to the individual personality and educational needs and are very flexible, they work with you, a positive experience.

Sarah (Geelong)

Great tutors that are friendly and invested in helping my child to gain confidence and reach their full potential. My son was struggling with Maths by year 5/6. This resulted in his dislike for maths despite our encouragement and assistance. He consistently used the maths programs on line that teachers recommended, however, this was a chore and we saw no improvement. Early intervention in Maths has been the best decision we made. Maths is now one of his favourite subjects. He is advanced in Maths in class and this has elevated his confidence. This confidence has transferred to all other subjects. He has realised that with practice and persistence and not giving up leads to success in anything he does.

 I have appreciated the emailed summaries of each session that was recently introduced.

Nina (Collingwood)

Great one on one tutoring session that is my sons looks forward to on a weekly basis. Now he finds Maths enjoyable as he is understanding the related topics!

Definitely a great decision to do some Maths tutoring as I feel he would have fallen behind now he is at a level above his year!

Suzie (Bundoora)

I'm very happy with the sessions and the tutor. Really impressed with Sanjay's manor and knowledge. My son didn't want to try tutoring but now he doesn't want Sanjay to finish up! I also like that there is an email each week to summarise the lesson.

 My son has gone from maths in the 50's% to marks in the high 80's% in only 8 sessions with Sanjay. We hope Sanjay can continue with us next year too.

Fiona (Aspendale)

I am delighted with our tutor Josh and thrilled at the changes I have seen in my son James in such a short space of time. His confidence and enthusiasm for maths have increased enormously and I really feel that we are about to see that reflected in his academic performance (though too early to see results quite yet). James loves his maths tutoring sessions and really looks forward to them, which 6 months ago I could never have imagined possible! Josh is extremely conscientious, always punctual and very courteous. He built up a great rapport with James in a short space of time and has a great way of explaining things so that James understands.

Juliet (Mordiallic)

Very professional, lots of follow-up to see how things were progressing. Good value for money. Excellent, well-qualified tutors.

We had a great experience with our tutor Tessa, and are confident of a great outcome with exam results. I found TutorBright to be a great service and would highly recommend to anybody who asks.

Emma (Kew)